Universal approach to problems

When dealing with problems you might want to use these universal questions:
  1. What does the landscape (environment) look like? (overview of situation)
  2. do a spectrum analysis with categories or environmental element-types you’re dealing with (navigational approach)
  3. what are the biggest concerns or challenges? (Prioritized order)
  4. when does this specific problem or situation occur? (timing & predictability)
  5. What is most important to be successful in this environment? (Gamification)
  6. Who has done or dealt with this it before you? (Pioneers)
  7. Can you learn from them? (Are they experts? + communication / didactcal skills)
  8. Who are the experts in this field? (Look for Books, claims, and verified results)
  9. Is this expert knowledge from (book)research& study, simulation or experience?
  10. Could you define a golden rule (rule of thumb)? (Condensed knowledge for most sotuations)
  11. Is there a manifest or general guidebook for people dealing or seeking these quests? (Guild, vocational guidelines)
  12. Can you find usable handbooks or references dealing with this specific situation? (How to publications with some proven track-record or experience)
  13. What have you learned in your research, journey or quest? (usability assessment and practical info)


As a problem solving method you might want to look for the loop:

Problem Solving Method

Source: http://www.indstate.edu/blumberg/presm/usingdata.htm

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